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2016  , That Moment When Artists Snap (An Ode to Bongang), Reiterating the Erotic (lecture in print), Women of Color have been doing Feminism since forever

2015  , Notes from King Carla 3, Trying to Find A Balance

2014  , Afrofuturistic collages and photography interview, Notes from King Carla 2, Notes from King Carla 1, All Hail King Carla, Things Black mothers fear

Liquid Blackness Symposium @ GSU, Liquid Blackness Issue 2

2012  , The Morning After Issue Special, Pretty in Ink exhibition review

2011  , The Week I Became Kiki Smith’s assistant, National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, Tragedie at Beep Beep Gallery, Introducing Esoteric Lore, a new collective, Gyun Hur, Lenox Mall Project, ESCAPE at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery review, Archetype Gallery interview, WWAF talks smack article

2010  , The New Pan-African Ideal group exhibition review, In Response to Kehinde, artist talk review, Michael Schmelling’s Atlanta book review, Pilar Martinez Unplugged solo exhibition review, Summer 2010 Issue Special, Carla Aaron-Lopez photographer interview, Gil Scott Heron Vs. Nas album review

2009            Creative Loafing, Atlanta Indie Music Festival photo credit, My (black) American Life interview, My (black) American Life interview, My (Black) American Life solo exhibition interview, Tzeng’s Magazine Project solo exhibition review, Allen Cooley’s Nonconforming Identities at Stokes solo exhibition review

2008            Trace Magazine, Black Girls Rule 
issue, photo credit, SCAD at the Edge
 review, The Arrival of Machete solo exhibition review

From Afros to Shelltoes blog, My (Black) American Life interview, BET Hip Hop Awards photo credit

2007  , Jena 6 and Hip Hop editorial, Atlanta Has Wild Style editorial, Emerging Visions review

2006            New York Times Journalism Institute student news publication

Elemental magazine, Khrysis, photo credit

2005            XXL Magazine, 9th Wonder photo credit

Remix Magazine, 9th Wonder photo credit

Catalog for Gender in Motion photo credit