Sean Fahie, The Dude: Part 1

Laughter is fucking deceiving. Mainly because I just don’t know what’s so fucking funny or what’s being hidden. Then he laughed. And his voice rang through the house we were in. It was a throaty laugh. Is throaty is even a word? I don’t know but if it is… it’s a perfect description of when […]

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Perception is Everything

How do you define perception? Is it the same as the rest of us as we base it on what we see? Do you do what I do and calculate in factors to perception such as environment, identity and influence? I’m willing to bet that you do the same as I do and if not, you […]

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On Food, Art and Rebirth

I recently went through the beginning of a re-birthing process. All over the course of 36+ hours. If I have been walking through a dizzying abysmal abyss for the past few years, I’ve finally seen shimmering glints of the end. Quick flashes of what will be versus what could be. One weekend in Atlanta reminded […]

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