woke up with my horns on. fell in love with a cadillac. – trae tha truth

Internet Dossier

who/facebook: Carla Aaron-Lopez
born: 28 November 1983
instagram: @iamkingcarla
twitter: @iamkingcarla
Message me. I message back.

Born in the Dirty South of North Carolina.

Forever I love Atlanta.

Forever I love Los Angeles.

hobbies: music, movies, food, comics & graphic novels, Malcolm X, science fiction, technology, culture/subculture, art, US/Black history and mythology & storytelling.

intelligence: modern/contemporary art history; photography as craft and document; art theory; good ass design; food culture; pop culture; gonzo-style journalism

Goals as an ARTIST: 1) documentation for stories untold; 2) learn about local/global cultures and its interaction with popular culture and technology.

Goals as a WRITER: 1) write stories illustrating the diversity of American culture; 2) investigate the intersections between all things arts/culture.